Sex dating in center nebraska

As long as it's equitable, I don't care what he prefers. Photos are dated because some are older like in from of Bellagio with friends (knees up but in coat) 2007, one around 2010 face shot as Carmen Miranda, one in front of Christmas tree, one on the porch, one after hiking to the top of a mountain and another at an awards banquet (both attached here).

Full body are one in 2007 captioned new house with my dog (now deceased), one is as Flo from Progressive a few years ago and the other (attached) is Halloween as a bunny dressed up as a playboy bunny (I thought it was witty!

It was fun, we giggled, and I got several pictures that were perfect for filling the gaps in the actual candid shots in my profile.

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) Sunrise hot air balloon ride (I was going to do this on my birthday but missed it - was raining), train excursions (hello, sleeper car! I like cooking healthy foods but also enjoy being a little decadent, too. I hike and run, currently training for my first 5 k, not sure which one to do in the area. ETA - And I've had two initiate via email in 4 months; a handful respond to my emails, a couple winks (which are STUPID) and about 12 photo likes (but they don't email about them) and 258 profile views. But since I've lost 50 pounds it's just as well I don't have old photos up, anyway. At least in my area, that's code for a serious party girl looking for NSA sex.

As my Granddad told me, "all things in moderation". I'll leave the windblown hiking one because I think it shows I'm not too uptight about keeping my hair and makeup perfect and I will get at least one good full body shot while out with the girls this weekend. I was told by a male friend to never, ever, say any such thing on my profile. The format of the profile needs to be simplified and follow a basic structure. Opening line, you have a great one Basic facts about you Basic facts on what your looking for...mention of money, stable career, good with kids none of it.

I have a 16 year old daughter that keeps me young (she lives with me primarily). " Usually a question that shows I read their profile, have a similar interest (or admiration) and ask a question which prompts a response.[/QUOTE] I'm not in your target age group, or location, but kid picks bad idea here. It took me a while to find her as I never showed up in her matches because my height was not as tall as she had listed in her preferences.

I need someone who will challenge me and make me go to the edge and take chances sometimes. I am trying to train for a 5K - my 'record' is only running 1.5 miles straight but I can hike 10 miles without missing a beat. I say this because people may light-stalk your kids to get a look at you, if say they see your kids around town, school, ect. You do not want people to approach your child to get to you, especially if you already blew them off for being a creeper. If you are not careful, you may pass up the perfect guy if you exclude people based off your criteria.

I love to entertain and I like to try new places in town - in fact it was my New Year's Resolution to try 2 new places a month last year - and I did. I have a ton a things I want to do in life..I haven't done them. You can balance this by listing the things you have done then list the things you are interested in trying. " Usually a question that shows I read their profile, have a similar interest (or admiration) and ask a question which prompts a response. I am honestly trying to help: The pictures should never ever be more than 2 years old unless it is something really unique. This is why I typed general questions into your profile. The entire profile should aim to be 4 or less paragraphs because if it's too much they check out. New pics, no kids/pets, more about what I have done and would like to do with nothing negative about those experiences, however minor.

I have a 16 year old daughter that keeps me young (she lives with me primarily). So for example ((((I have traveled here, biked here, hiked here. Is white water rafting can you recommend a spot)))). For example a pic of you on the last trip you took to Paris 3 years ago. it gives a guy an opportunity to say hey they dirty dash in is August. Hope that can help some EW, be careful using the phrase "up for anything". I had used the older pics years ago and just left them when I reactivated the account and didn't see much wrong with that since I did have some current ones. I want someone who is financially secure (but that sounds like a gold digger when all I want is to not be a sugar momma and have them contribute financially and not be in a heapload of debt without the means to pay it).I want someone who has a sense of adventure and curious about the world (hence the things I'd like to do and 'invite' them to join - grew up around too many people who never left the county).As much as I love my career, I'm old fashioned enough that I'm looking for someone I can greet at the door and make dinner for (or with).I'm not a huge sports fan but happy to bring a drink and a snack while you watch the game - I might even watch as long as it's the Panthers! I think attitude is everything, and mine is a positive one.I'm looking for someone who enjoys a little bit of everything. The part about about old fashioned and making dinner for the first time I read it came across as you don't want to work and would be happy to be a stay at home wife.

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