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As with many smaller cities, Salt Lake City also allows any queer to be a big fish in a small pond.

If you’re like me you’ll spend a lot of time going to house parties or playing games at a friends’ house or going to straight bars in large groups.

But if the bar scene isn’t really your thing anyways, no big deal. don’t expect to feel tipsy after only a couple drinks here.

It’s usually pretty dead on karaoke nights, which is great because it means that you and your pals can sing as much as you want.

Oh, and it’s basically the only place that hosts drag kings, so that makes it important for the queer community too.

Although the dominant culture is still fairly conservative, white, Mormon, and middle-class, this creates a really interesting counter-culture.

One thing that excites me about living in Salt Lake is that there’s still something to fight for here as a queer and it feels meaningful just to be “out and proud” and visible.I like this bar because they have a whole menu of different kinds of shots. It’s usually loud and just gets louder and more rambunctious as it gets later.This bar also hosts queer events every once in a while.You kind of have to know someone to know what’s going on in the queer women’s and trans community here and where the queer women and trans people are.I think “The Advocate’s” evaluation of SLC as the “gayest city” is based on the gay male community, but not really the lesbian, queer, or trans community.), a pretty good sized smoking patio, dancing cages, a stage, and sometimes has bad fried foods in the back bar.

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