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I am a widow for two years and need to sell this tractor.My husband loved this tractor and would like for it to go to someone that like this style of tractor.I am not an expert on tractors but will send picture upon request.

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This little tractor was a radical departure from the rest of the AC production line.

It was designed for small farm jobs and truck farming.

The Town has been offered a donation of a 1939 or 1940 Farmall B which has been restored. This is small enough to fit on a car trailer to bring to the tractor shows. I was told several years ago it was worth over 10,000 but since the times are a little harder I will sell it for 7,000 I am located in North Central Wisconsin. I d like to use the photo for his birthday cake and, as maudlin as it might seem, for his headstone.

The tractor originally belonged to a family that farmed in our county and having it as part of the Town s Hostetler Auto Museum would be very complimentary because of its history. He had his headstone placed several weeks ago - complete with a picture of a Case tractor.

I am currently living in Minneapolis but my Grandfather started his farm in Manitoba and my father currently farms in Saskatchewan.

My father is in the process of selling his farm and his father s my grandpa s tractor was a 1939 Farmall B which he still has.key was broken off inside the lock she sputtered, fired and ate my battery for breakfast. just plain fired right up and purred like a kitten.. This prompted me to try the side mower......prompted me to research the side mower..low charge Charged the battery and returned the following day. prompted me to use my brain to figure out that it had been re-connected simply for storage and use..How can it kill you Thanks gb I have a 1941 farmall h tractor it was making a clunking noise when the tractor was moving in gear. The tag says MASSEY HARISS FERGUSON LIMITED PGA22538.I took all gears and bearings out of the case inspected them replaced 1 slightly worn pilot bearing, replaced all seals found no broken bearing holders or bad gears. While in the proscees of sandblasting i saw old grey paint under the red someone painted years ago.i was told it was supposed to be gray. THANKSI have a IH farmall Model B, serial #151724 tractor that I would like to sell.He passed away last spring and I am wondering if we should sell it or keep it for old times sake.

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