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Mary moved in with her older sister, Elizabeth Edwards, and her husband, Ninian, in their imposing mansion.A sprightly, appealing woman, Mary was fluent in French, could cite long passages of poetry from memory, had an excellent sense of humor and closely followed politics.

It is a story I tell in my new book, “Your Friend Forever, A.

Lincoln: The Enduring Friendship of Abraham Lincoln and Joshua Speed.” After Lincoln moved in, the two men became inseparable, sharing stories, feelings, fears, hopes and dreams.

But what of those who haven’t yet ascended to such a dizzying level of romance, companionship and mutual understanding?

In fact, there’s every chance you’ve just woken up in a Nama-hotel bed wondering why you bothered chipping-in for a €200-a-night room (considering the fact that you’ve spent almost the entire stay asleep — waking only occasionally to prod at your partner, marvel at the volume of their snoring, and gently edge them back across to their damn side of the mattress).

Speed intensely idealized the impressive, articulate and very funny Lincoln, who in turn felt safe opening up to his younger friend.

They shared that common bed for nearly four years, though all the evidence suggests their relationship was not sexual.The 23-year-old Speed was nonetheless taken with this stranger; he “threw such charm around him” and betrayed a “perfect naturalness.” The stranger was none other than a 28-year-old Abraham Lincoln, a quarter-century before he would take the oath as the 16th U. He said he had a large room upstairs above the store and a double bed he was happy to share.Without a word, Lincoln picked up saddlebags that contained his life’s possessions and walked upstairs.Lincoln met her at a soiree in the Edwards’ mansion – he often attended these events with Speed – and became immediately enchanted with Mary. By the following summer, the two were engaged to be married, with a date set for Jan. But in a move that has baffled historians, Lincoln broke off the engagement in late December 1840 and fell into a suicidal depression.Bedridden, he was prone to hallucinations, and his friends were worried enough to hide his razor.In August and September, Speed began to post notices in the local paper, calling in his debts as he prepared to sell his store and return to Louisville.

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