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Clinical trials are strictly regulated and have to be conducted according to clearly defined guidelines to ensure both the safety of participants and the reliability of results.On site at the Department of Clinical Pharmacology, the study is supervised by Prof. Michael Wolzt at the Medical University of Vienna, in close coordination with Dr.

Then beneficial efficacy can be tested in Alzheimer's patients.

"Such a study would have a much larger scale," says Willbold.

Such "first-in-class" drugs are extremely rare: "Worldwide there are only a few tests with really fundamentally new substance classes in humans per year," says Dagmar Jürgens.

The mechanism of action is also new: Unlike previous drug candidates, PRI-002 specifically and directly eliminates so-called Amyloid-beta oligomers, which play a central role in disease processes.

Hier ein Kurzbericht von OPA Daniel Landau: Was für ein wunderschöner und interessanter Vormittag, heute, im Dschungel in Wien!

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In all of our markets, we are running a single brand strategy.

This means we are focusing all our efforts on only one brand per country.

Jülich/ Vienna 16 April 2018 – The Phase I clinical study, in which the Jülich Alzheimer's drug candidate PRI-002 is being tested for the first time in humans, has now officially started in Vienna.

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