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Having a sense of humor about it can also make it easier and more fruitful. Make sure to be constructive and instructive." Dan T."When you complain to a guy about something, know that he's probably thinking about how to fix that problem.

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Don't drive yourself crazy over them." KC I."Sometimes we just need time to hang out with the boys.

Just because you aren't invited out to the bar doesn't mean you have anything to be upset or jealous about. If we disagree about stuff, let's have fun disagreeing about it and if any of it winds up being too important, then, well, it won't work out and that's fine." Miles P."It's great when a girl shows affection when it's the two of you, or shows she cares in a different way, like doing something nice, completely unsolicited.

This Valentine's Day, do yourself a favor and take these stars' terribly bad relationship advice!

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Helping People Be Their Own Advisors Offering Helpful Relationship Advice Advising Someone to Find Written Relationship Advice Community Q&A Giving healthy, constructive relationship advice requires patience, understanding, and honesty.

Be wary of giving unsolicited relationship advice, as this may do more harm than good.

"The Bold Type" stars Katie Stevens and Sam Page are hanging out in the Young Hollywood Studio giving out some sage dating advice!

Hear their thoughts on common relationship dilemmas, like how to handle being ghosted, what to do if you're stood up on a first date, confronting those dreaded Three Dots while texting, and more!

If you're great at something and can speak about it with confidence, it makes other people want to be around you and can be a big turn on." Dom S."It's a turnoff for me when a girl pretends to like something just because I like it. A woman who suggests awesome date activities is one a guy can really appreciate, and it's nice to have something else to talk about other than yourselves and the food." Jason M."When it comes to sex, mix it up.

Whatever your guy does to you, he had to learn it somewhere.

It doesn't always need to be a tit for tat thing with giving and receiving.

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