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However, Rita discovers that Doreen is faking her flat being repaired and removed of asbestos. Rita confesses to Norris that she is missing Doreen's company but refuses to make the first move.

Norris secretly arranges to meet Doreen and persuades her to make up with Rita. Following this, Doreen begins helping out in The Kabin, notably when Rita takes a holiday.

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Jodie has a brief romance with Lloyd Mullaney (Craig Charles).

On 14 July 2007 it was announced that Seager was leaving Coronation Street.

Roger Stiles, played by Andrew Dunn, is a plumber who fixes Janice Battersby's (Vicky Entwistle) heating in January 2007 when her boiler breaks down.

After they date twice in the Rovers Return Inn, he invites Janice to go to France with him for a three-month holiday and she accepts.

Janice returns alone in March and Roger returns two months later.

In 2007, he invests £10,000 in Janice's stepdaughter Leanne's (Jane Danson) restaurant.In early August 2008, he, Janice, Bill Webster (Peter Armitage) and Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) all embark on a holiday to France together, which ends in a minor car accident in which Roger suffers whiplash.It was announced in September 2008 that Roger would be leaving the show the following month. Jodie is introduced as the new owner of Diggory Compton's old bakery, along with her father Jerry (Michael Starke).Jodie and her grandfather, Wilf, arrive on Coronation Street, in January 2007, to ask Charlie Stubbs (Bill Ward) why the re-fit on the bakery is taking so long.She later finds out Charlie has been murdered, and asks his colleague Jason Grimshaw (Ryan Thomas) to continue with the re-fit.She and Rita come back drunk one time just as an unexploded bomb is found in Weatherfield, and the town is forced to evacuate to Bessie Street Primary School.

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