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There exists some ambiguity between the terms "girl friend," or a friend who is a girl, and "girlfriend." The transition between the two is a significant aspect of adolescent development.

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Do you tell him that you like him, wait for him to declare his undying love for you, or suffer with your unrequited feelings in silence? There are a few things you can do to turn your best friend into your boyfriend, and hopefully turn a great friendship into an even better relationship.

Today’s Anniversary segment included the following topics; 1) What is boyfriend/girlfriend material? (gender roles) 3) Woman dating a man with children.

Get your information about the relationship from each other.

If you’ve just started dating one of your friends, chances are you guys have friends in common.

With differing expectations of sexual mores, the term "dating" can imply romantic activity whereas simply using "friend" would likely avoid implying such intimacy.

It is essentially equivalent to the term "sweetheart", which has also been used as a term of endearment.

Don’t play games, be overly sensitive to each other’s feelings, and be open and honest with each other. And it’s likely that most of your friends will have some sort of opinion about the relationship.

The more fairly you treat one another, the less likely that your friendship will be ruined if things don’t work out. That’s all fine and good, but don’t let their opinions influence your own.

No one completely knows a relationship except for the two people in it.

And any relationship decisions you’re going to make should be coming from you and your new significant other, not the influence of your friends.

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