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Reese goes on a few dates with her and even meets her parents.

But events from his past in the military convinces him he would never be allowed to have a normal life, and he ends his relationship with Iris.

Elisabeth Campbell was the perfect daughter, she was highly intelligent, super athlete and a hard worker.

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All of the males are married or dating someone else.

None of them could kill Elisabeth and sex act her revenge against her father. Army CID are investigating Elisabeth's murder and figure out what happened.

She was gang raped in one of the training exercises, they couldn't I. The truth would ruin any chances of any woman who enters West Point and the school's reputation.

Campbell lied to his daughter and made her forget about this incident while he visited her in the hospital. There was something about his perfect daughter, she was a manizer and had sex with a lot of guys in the army base.

Even though these guys could get thrown out of the army or ruin their marriage or their relationships. They found the group who gang raped Elisabeth in West Point.

Elisabeth reenacts the cover up at West Point, that her father ignored. They are going to jail, with the minimum sentence of 20 years.

She agrees, but only on the condition that he be completely honest with her when they next meet.

John promises that the next time he sees her, he'll tell her everything.

He was portrayed by James Cromwell, who also played The Colonel in Dream Works' Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Warden Hazen in the 2005 remake of The Longest Yard, and Professor Robert Callaghan in Disney's Big Hero 6.

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