Updating ceramic tile

This is the most prominent tile flooring trend in 2017 and, likely, the years to come.I wouldn’t call wood-look tile a “new” trend by any means, but it is only building momentum in regards to popularity, and it is quickly becoming a whole-house staple (meaning not just for kitchens and bathrooms, but bedrooms, living rooms and more).

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This new technology creates exciting new design options for both commercial and residential applications.

Improvements in digital inkjet technology allows tile to mirror other popular materials, such as wood or natural stone, with less maintenance and increased durability.” – Bart Beta, National Tile Contractors Association, Executive Director “Larger and thinner tile trends will continue into 2017 as they have continued to grow in demand over the last few years.

Maybe they just don’t realize how cool the original me actually is!

Due to advancing technologies, tile can now mimic not only the look of natural stone but hardwood, fabrics and more.

2017 Flooring Trends, 2017 Wood Flooring Trends, 2017 Laminate Flooring Trends, 2017 Vinyl Flooring Trends, 2017 Carpet Trends, 2017 Wood-Look Flooring Trends, 2017 Flooring Layout & Pattern Trends, 2016 Flooring Trends“What is cool about the tile trends right now is the actual thought and science behind large format and plank tiles.

For example, we have our thin tile line called Expanse which is a 6 ft x 10 ft—and they’re commercially rated!

Keep your eye out for these metallic looks – you might be surprised by how many of these are already prominent.

However, don’t expect them to still be hot 20 years from now.

I was talking to a friend recently with solid hardwood floors.

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