Updating firmware to ku990

I gather both XP Pro and XP Home can suffer this problem too.

The steps below are probably trying to get at the same thing as uninstalling the USB drives, but much less frightening and more effective.

a j feeley dating - Updating firmware to ku990

UPDATE: if you have If all that doesn't work for you, well the other thing I did was uninstall Quick Time, which I'd updated recently and which apparently did the trick for some people when they uninstalled it. But it's a bit more drastic than the above, so I'd try changing drive letter assignments first.(I didn't mention clearing those lists previously because it didn't work for me, but it's worth trying if the above didn't work for you.)I've also seen as a last resort this suggested registry change ().

I didn't need to try it so I haven't done it but it's worked for others.

So I'll set out the solution below for those who like me might have missed it.

The thing I did which I'm pretty sure is the solution was to change the drive letters for my card reader slots - thank you Beckham Squared, who said: "in resetting the drive letter whatever got corrupted during the [Norton removal] was fixed".

(The person there first encountered the problem after uninstalling Norton System Works.

I didn't uninstall it myself, yet I also got the same problem - there are clearly lots of different causes).

For yet others it doesn't happen on turning on their PC, but only on launching certain software, or using certain hardware.

We don't care if it's a bug, a conflict etc, we just want it to stop!

However as the writer warns, it's really a last ditch solution because it doesn't stop the problem from happening, it just makes the error message go away, and ideally you should try to address the underlying cause of the problem.: But if you aren't comfortable editing your registry manually then:- try clicking this link to do the same thing (NB before doing that backup your registry or that key first, and it's at your own risk etc!

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