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If you are creating a user from scratch then what ever was in the default user build will be also passed to that users new %username% profile. That's another good reason to install All software on the computer BEFORE you add extra users. Give it Admin rights, but don't give it a password (you're going to delete the user later).2.

Summary This page offers three methods to help you open shortcut files and convert shortcut files into original files in Windows 10/8/7 PC.

If your saved files turned into shortcut format on USB/SD or other storage devices, relax and follow the details below to open and recover shortcut files to original ones now.

I can\u0027t find solutionson the HP or Microsoft sites. I don\u0027t want toreload the system and start again. Please be as detailed as possible when providing a solution. ","url":"https:\/\/com\/forums\/discussions\/all-desktop-shortcuts-appear-twice-and-it-won-t-stop-doing-this-390807\/","popup Width":780,"popup Height":510,"data":,"scroll To Comments":false}'I am not the expert on Windows 7 -- but I figure a new HP which came preloaded with it is likely not to have had the problem out of the box. We can absolve him/her of the sin, but it may recur if the person is around. (not to be rude, but it helps to have listed everything that was installed in your question)You don't make it clear, but should we assume that you delete the excess icons, and new duplicates are created when you restart????

What happens if you pull all the duplicates into a new folder and move it someplace no one will ever look, lol?

The next step is to create a policy and link in to the “Domain Computers” OU. Name : My Computer Leave rest of the options as default. Name : My Network Places And for Libraries the options are: 1. Here is how it looks: Hope you all find this information useful.

In this case it is called “Shortcut” Edit the policy and go to the following location: Computer Configuration — Shortcuts Highlight Shortcuts and on the right pane, right click and select new Shortcut In the ‘New Shortcut Properties’, make the following changes so the values look like below: 1. Once you have made all the changes, it would look like below: Similarly for Network the options are: 1.

Unfortunately, all the desktop shortcuts appear twice and Ican't stop it from doing this. Please be as detailed as possible when providing a solution. I help out at the local church with the computer system.

The shortcuts appear only oncein the relevant desktop folder and all the other duplicatedesktop folders have nothing in them. Thechurch recently bought a new HP desktop running Windows 7.

The application of the three methods is descending from more complex to simple.

Please choose a preferred method according to your own technical background.

To open the actual data file infected by shortcut virus, you should remove the virus by the first attempt, and then try to recover shortcut virus files with the following suggestions. (Replace E: with the drive letter of your device where you lost or deleted files.) 3.

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