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Groups are one of the easy ways to get involved in the Flickr community.Groups revolve around a general topic that’s usually related to the kind of photos that users take or the kind of gear that they use.

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(Read more on the 7 Alternatives to Flickr article) 8.

Fotki – Fotki seems like it’s really trying to outdo Flickr, and may be succeeding in some areas.

Each anomalous profile offers ample views of photography, art, film, writing or music.

By creating a profile, one can upload, maintain and manage not only a community of friends and family, but also a vantage point to share your own artistic creations – in whichever form they may abound. Image Event – Available in premium and pro-premium flavors, at $24.95 and $64.95 per year respectively.

I’ve included my original 7, all of your suggestions and a few others that I’ve scoured the web to find. The original concept of Aminus3 (pronounced “a minus three”) was revealed to Jason Kravitz in a dream of March 2003.

The dream was elusive, with a host of different characters including a Full Metal Jacket drill sergeant who was screaming, “I cannot tell you what Aminus3 is, I can only tell you what Aminus3 is not!You can share your photos in the groups’ pools or engage in discussion in forums with the groups.Still, there are some limitations to Fickr’s free accounts that detract from its usefulness.It’s all about interaction – Drop Shots is a destination for families to connect and converse about the joys of life captured on photos and videos – NOT just a place facilitating the one-way event of sending or posting pictures for others to view.The community features on Flickr are very deep and part of what makes Flickr so successful.You must have your own website with PHP and database support in order to install and use it.

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