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If you need more specific or detailed information, you may obtain copies of the complete TTB regulations, Title 27 CFR (which includes Part 31, Alcohol Beverage Dealers), by visiting TTB's Regulations page at

Copies of the CFR are available for viewing at the Code of Federal Regulations (Annual Edition) page at the U. Government Printing Office Web site; you can also browse the e-CFR, a currently updated version of the CFR. Inspection by Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Officers 1.

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You should read the entire text and retain it or bookmark it for further reference.

Later, when you have a particular question, you will find the answer by using the Table of Contents.

Persons who violate any of the permit requirements of the Act become liable to penalties.

Forms on which to apply for permits may be obtained from TTB's National Revenue Center listed on the final page of this publication, for use by dealers who intend to conduct business. Closures on Bottles of Distilled Spirits Distilled spirits plants and importers are required to securely affix a tamper-evident closure or similar device to all bottles or other containers of distilled spirits.

Also, every retail dealer is required to keep a record of sales of distilled spirits, wine or beer in quantities of 20 wine gallons or more to the same person at the same time, which shows (a) the date of sale, (b) name and address of purchaser, (c) kind and quantity of liquors sold and (d) the serial numbers of any full cases of distilled spirits in the sale.

A dealer who, with fraudulent intent, fails or refuses to keep the required records, is subject to a fine of not more than ,000 and imprisonment for not more than 5 years, and a dealer who, without fraudulent intent, fails to keep the required records is subject to a fine of not more than 00, imprisonment for not more than 1 year, or both. Inspection by Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Officers A retail dealer's place of business and the stock of liquors are subject to inspection by TTB officers having proper credentials.Stop turning those things over, you will do more damage to the cork doing that than they had being in your basement for 50-70 years.You can hold them over your head to read the bottom. Do any of them have a surgeon generals warning on them? To be honest I do not see any individual bottle fetching more than 0.Although that one was actually worth a pretty penny. "Unkempt" is just means there was clutter and dust.John Manfreda Administrator, Tax and Trade Bureau 1. This publication summarizes the more important provisions of federal laws and regulations applicable to retail dealers. Retail Dealers Must Register with TTB Although the special tax for retail dealers has been repealed, every retail dealer is still required to register with TTB using TTB F 5630.5d.

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