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Error in regular expression used with -match(Principal Name -match ".*@domain.ext"), alternatively: (Principal Name -match "@domain.ext$") Multi-value properties are collections of objects of the same type.You can use -any and -all operators to apply a condition to one or all of the items in the collection, respectively.

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Tip Group creation fails if the rule you entered was incorrectly formed or not valid.

A notification is displayed in the upper-right hand corner of the portal, containing an explanation of why the rule could not be processed.

For example, if you had a total of 1,000 unique users in all dynamic groups in your tenant, you would need at least 1,000 licenses for Azure AD Premium P1 to meet the license requirement.

You can create a dynamic group for devices or for users, but you can't create a rule that contains both users and devices.

When the manager's direct reports change in the future, the group's membership will be adjusted automatically.

It is possible to change how membership is managed in a group.Extension attributes are synced from on-premises Window Server AD and take the format of "Extension Attribute X", where X equals 1 - 15.An example of a rule that uses an extension attribute would be Custom Attributes are synced from on-premises Windows Server AD or from a connected Saa S application and the format of "user.extension_[GUID]__[Attribute]", where [GUID] is the unique identifier in AAD for the application that created the attribute in AAD and [Attribute] is the name of the attribute as it was created.In Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), you can create custom rules to enable complex attribute-based dynamic memberships for groups.This article details the attributes and syntax to create dynamic membership rules for users or devices.The following are examples of a properly constructed advanced rule: For the complete list of supported parameters and expression rule operators, see sections below.

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