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He's tall enough to have to duck through doorways, as he just did, and wide enough to spend a lot of time walking sideways through tight spaces, like this steakhouse.

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Instead, he chose to appear in a succession of smaller, darker movies with forgotten titles: A Cool, Dry Place and Clay Pigeons and Return to Paradise.

Reprising the character of Norman Bates in Gus Van Sant's remake of Psycho nearly buried Vaughn under a reputation for playing malcontents and killers.

They break their own rules and the hilarity ensues. Hopefully we get all hopped up and make some bad decisions; maybe we play a little game called… You Better Lock it Up, You Lock it Up, You Lock it Up! Crab Cakes and Football – That’s What Maryland Does.

Vince Vaughn looks a lot like Vince Vaughn, only bigger.

There's no way to tell them apart." When Vaughn starts talking about the documentary, it feels like an elaborate setup for a joke, the build toward some improbable punch line.

Because this is what we've come to expect from him: He is the clown.His shirt is open at the collar, probably because it has to be. Even from across this crowded restaurant, it's possible to see a jumbo slice of Vaughn's naked belly.It's too much to ignore, this great golden acreage, because he leads with it and because it's probably been kissed by Jennifer Aniston, standing on her tippy-toes. Like many giants, Vaughn gave up trying to hide a long time ago.Visitors can tour them in the back of a black taxi, one of Belfast's few symbols of neutrality.Folded into the jump seat, lowering his head to window height, Vaughn saw the murals rise up like great ghosts in front of him, the centuries of war between Irish Protestants and Catholics captured in paint. "They're beautiful," he says, "but they come out of such conflict. And what's most interesting to me is, there are walls that divide these neighborhoods, but from inside the taxi, they look identical.It's the question that answers every other question: Cubs or White Sox? I go to Comiskey Park, and I root for them against anyone in the American League and anyone in the National League except for the Cubs. "Because I love Chicago most of all."He sinks deeper into the couch, exhausted by his lies. But I consider Los Angeles home as well -- I moved here when I was eighteen years old, and this city's been very good to me. There is only one question that Vaughn will answer without reservation. Smith, I'm convinced that something's going to go down."Vaughn starts looking around the restaurant, jittery and bug-eyed, seeing imaginary vampire bats swooping down from the rafters."It's crazy, but the more I'm past questioning it, the funnier it is. It's just, like, to be continued."WHAT'S TO BE CONTINUED?!

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