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Today Birżebbuġa is also undertaking in an ambitious as well as realistic project that, after having faced bureaucratic problems, has finally started, this project concerns the construction of a modern and competitive waterpolo pitch and club house (Water Polo Pitch in Birżebbuġa, Il-Pitch tal-waterpolo ta' Birzebbugia), a large structure (33x25 mtrs) built above the current waterline, an excellent and funny opportunity for children, sports enthusiasts as well as elderly and disabled persons.

The area involved has been strongly influenced by the building of Malta Freeport, in order to accomodate its large ships, extensive dredging works have been made and deepen the seabed in the centre of the bay so that most of this sand was pumped onto the shoreline, thus forming a sandy beach and resulting in the lowering of the seabed and a less circulation of the water within the pool, the extremely stagnant and noxious water has so prevented any possible kind of competitive matches; as a consequence the number of visitors went drastically down and the Aquatic & Sports Club's financial resources, intended to maintain it in operational state, became fewer; over the years the situation has changed, the works finally started and a new Water Polo Pitch will be soon up and running again.

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Thank You to our hosts, Birzebbuga Aquatic & Sports Club & Thomas Smith Co.

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