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This diversity originally grew out of Chicago’s role as a transshipment point for eastbound grain and lumber as well as meat, which was smoked or packed in salt.

The city assumed a new role as manufacturer of military supplies during the American Civil War, adding leather goods, steel rail, and food processing.

It has hosted numerous national political conventions since the one in 1860 that nominated Abraham Lincoln for the presidency.

The World War II boom involved more than 1,400 companies producing a wide range of military goods.

Diversification, however, also made Chicago’s job market vulnerable to changes in almost any industry.

Established in 1931, Wheaton Drama Inc is a community theater that puts on productions like musicals, comedies, and plays.

The theater hosts dance classes that teach the basics of ballet, jazz, and core strength exercises. Located on over 69 acres of land, Northside Park is a public park that provides access to a number of outdoor facilities and amenities.

In 1848, traders created the Chicago Board of Trade to rationalize the process of purchasing and forwarding grain to Eastern markets.

Over the years the scope of its trading expanded to include a number of commodities, and in 1973 it spun off an independent Chicago Board Options Exchange to regularize trading of corporate stock options.Covering 500 acres, the Cantigny Park welcomes entire families with playgrounds, gardens, 2 museums, a golf course, and 4 restaurants. These include four basketball courts, six lighted tennis courts, a skating rink, and a playground. rail-to-trail conversion and is surfaced primarily with crushed limestone surface, which is easy on feet and bike tires.Illinois Prairie Path is a multi-use nature trail for non-motorized public use and spans approximately 61 miles. A 30-lane bowling center, Fox Bowl offers open and league bowling with shoe rental and a pro shop.All four of these institutions—along with trading, banking, and other financial functions—have made the downtown La Salle Street district synonymous with Chicago’s regional dominance, though the long-standing tradition of face-to-face trading that built them has experienced increased competition from electronic trading.Chicago, with dozens of major banks, remains second only to New York City as a national financial hub.However, local wholesaling and retailing have fallen increasingly under the control of out-of-town interests, which have either bought out or squeezed out department stores and retailers in several product lines.

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