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The reality is that some of these footballers are just a bunch of players (excuse the pun) looking for a good time and nothing more.

This however, has not deterred some women from dating more than one.

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Reyes is a model and occasional moderator who just happens to be a former Miss Spain.

Thus it was probably no surprise that she went on to bag Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos.

The conclusion is that women love footballers and footballers love women.

Here is a list of the times footballers found themselves in such a situation.

If you ask most people what they know about footballers they will list the obvious perks of their profession.

These include hefty weekly wages, luxurious vacations, expensive cars, huge mansions and o If you ask most people what they know about footballers they will list the obvious perks of their profession.This all went down while Rooney's wife was pregnant with their firstborn son.She again was in the spotlight when Mario Balotelli's team outed their affair in a bid to apparently avoid being blackmailed.These women range from models to singers to actresses and going out with them is sure to make one the envy of the town, not to mention the team.It's almost like there's a caveat in their contracts with the stipulation that you must have a hot girlfriend/wife or both if you play for a certain team that rhymes with Kelsy. A shopping trip here and a haircut there, they will do whatever it takes to improve their appearance and make themselves stand out.“It was hurtful,” he told The Guardian of criticism he had faced during his 12 months abroad. One day after the Hammers were relegated to Division One, he submitted a transfer request. Combine that with a storied (and irrelevant) relationship history, the aforementioned ear stud, and an advert for a personal assistant in 2015 which included, among other job requirements: ‘Creating a global brand for the Jermain Defoe name’ and ‘Producing Jermain Defoe i Phone apps’, and you have the perfect recipe for, again, the typical modern-day footballer. Defoe’s return to Bournemouth, where he scored 19 goals in one wonderful season on loan in 2000, brings an underrated career full circle, but this is also a U-turn for the striker as an individual.

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