Who is romola garai dating

“It’s an industry with a clear agenda of ensuring women’s relationships with their reflection on screen make them feel inadequate.I never went back to Hollywood again.” Garai did eventually pursue acting again after she studied at university.

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She described still being told to change by producers, except this time it has nothing to do with the scale.

“I’ve had sporadic acne in my life and have extraordinary conversations with them about how I can’t have spots on screen, telling me about the drugs I should take,” she added.

“I said: ‘I can’t tell you how hard that will be for me.

I am not that kind of person.’ There are hundreds of misogynistic directors, but an equal number who are not.

A publicity photo featuring Meryl Streep and her Suffragette co-stars in T-shirts bearing a feminist slogan has sparked a social media backlash.

Streep, Anne-Marie Duff, Romola Garai and Carey Mulligan were photographed for the front cover...

Dozens of feminist protestors have staged a demonstration at the red carpet reception for the movie Suffragette, which held its premiere at Leicester Square in London on Wednesday afternoon.

Activists from the feminist group Sisters Uncut,...

The Atonement star admits she struggles to find outfits for red-carpet events as designers refuse...

Actress Romola Garai is looking forward to her fifties as she can finally escape the "exhausting pressure" of keeping beautiful.

Starring Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter, the movie - which tells the tale of a king suffering from a speech impediment -...

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