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About 100 people who saw Mcilvenna’s comments fired off angry emails to his bosses at Rite Tech Construction of Delta, B.

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In its eight years of existence, Toronto’s BMO Field has become known as a refuge from workaday decorum—a place where soccer fans can let loose their animal subconscious, gulping beer and braying out their frustrations far from the disapproving eyes of colleagues and bosses.

It was living up to that reputation two Sundays ago, when Shauna Hunt, a reporter with City News, dropped by the stadium’s southeast plaza to catch fans spilling out of a match between their beloved Toronto FC and the Houston Dynamo.

“Cretin,” “jerk,” and “asshole” counted among the milder labels applied by their You Tube jury, which, by press time, numbered around 4.4 million.

The initial reaction on Monday night could be described as generalized outrage, punctuated by pity for Hunt.

“The Ghomeshi story certainly raised public awareness that what you do at home, even in the privacy of your bedroom, could be cause for discharge,” says Levitt, who has followed the Simoes case closely. What’s riveting about this case is that the guy’s an ordinary schlub.

A lot of people will be looking at him and thinking, ‘My god, that could be me.’ ” To be sure, anyone who thinks his bosses have no interest in his off-hours acts and opinions must have slept through the social media revolution.

Hunt, a hard-news veteran, says she’d heard it about 10 times that day, and she decided on the spot she was done ignoring it.

With the camera rolling, she rounded on a group of leering, glassy-eyed onlookers who’d been waiting gleefully for the scene to unfold.

For every ill-considered tweet, there’s an army of outraged recipients ready to flip it to the boss.

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